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Is there any fluoride in Grants Toothpaste?

There is NO fluoride in any of the Grants Toothpastes. There is fluoride in the drinking water of many communities, and there is fluoride in most toothpaste, but there is NO way to know exactly how much fluoride is being ingested – especially by children. The US government now insists on a poisons warning label on all toothpastes that contain fluoride.

Does the Grants Toothpaste contain gluten?

There are NO ingredients in any of the Grants Toothpastes that contain gluten.

Does the Grants Toothpaste contain any animal products?

There are NO animal products in any of the Grants Toothpastes – and they are certified vegan.

How eco-friendly is your packaging?

Our toothpaste boxes and our bottles can be recycled (bottles are HDPE 2). Check with your local council regarding recycling of the toothpaste tubes – unfortunately most recycling centres do not accept laminate toothpaste tubes. Several years back we did a feasibility study on changing our toothpaste tubes to a PCR material that could be recycled but there are strict rules regarding PCR plastics in food (and items that go in your mouth, such as toothpaste). To do this, we would have had to have an engineered material that unfortunately was going to be about 4 times more expensive. We are keeping our eye on packaging developments.

Can I take Grants Liquid Chlorophyll when I ’m pregnant?

We strongly advise all pregnant women to seek the opinion of a Health Care Practitioner before taking any concentrated foods such as Grants Liquid Chlorophyll.

Does Grants Liquid Chorophyll need to be refrigerated after opening?

No, however we think it tastes better if you do keep it in the ‘fridge after you open it.

Can I use Grants Liquid Chorophyll everyday?

Yes, we recommend one to three teaspoons per day. We also recommend you take a break from using the product for a few weeks every few months.

I have bad breath. Will the Grants Liquid Chlorophyll help me?

Yes, drinking 1 – 3 teaspoons daily of the Grants Liquid Chlorophyll mixed into a glass of water can help relieve bad breath and body odour. An added benefit is the flavour – it tastes like spearmint cordial – yum

Once I open my Grants Liquid Chorophyll, how long do I have to consume it?

We recommend 30 days. Beyond that the ingredients begin to oxidise.

Is the Grants Crystal Deodorant an anti-perspirant as well?

No, the Grants Crystal Deodorant does not stop perspiration, as it doesn’ t block the pores of the skin – it only prevents odour.

How does the Grants Crystal Deodorant stop odour?

Grants Crystal Deodorant works when the moistened crystal is applied to the underarms. A thin layer of the mineral salts are left behind on the skin, stopping bacteria causing odour but allowing the skin to breath and perspire naturally.

Is the alum in the Grants Crystal Deodorant the same as aluminium?

One of the naturally occurring minerals in the Grants Crystal Deodorant is alum. It has larger molecules than the smaller molecules found in aluminum. Larger alum molecules are not absorbed by the body. They do not prevent perspiration or block the pores of the skin, but they do help prevent odour.

My 18yo son is doing his final year at school and is very stressed. Can I give him Grants Vitamin B Liquid every day, and if so, how much?

The final years at school can be very stressful for many students. The Grants Vitamin B Liquid will not take away that stress, but it can help students cope better with their stress. The B complex vitamins are needed more during times of stress, and are essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system. The Grants Vitamin B Liquid provides a balanced, readily absorbed amount of the B group vitamins, in a pleasant tasting, easy to swallow liquid. We suggest taking 10ml – 15 ml, three times a day. To fit in with school hours, students could take some before school, after school and just before going to bed. We recommend any supplement taken daily should be regularly reviewed by a health care practitioner.

I have recently recovered from a debilitating illness, have no appetite and am very tired. I was recommended Grants Vitamin B Liquid and am not sure how much to take.

Taking a vitamin B supplement can help when recovering from an illness that has left you tired and with little energy or appetite. Grants Vitamin B Liquid provides a balanced, readily absorbed amount of the B group vitamins, in a pleasant tasting, easy to swallow liquid (not like tablets which are hard to swallow and do not absorb as quickly). The body uses the B vitamins to convert carbohydrates into glucose, which it then ‘ burns’ to produce energy. We suggest taking 10ml – 15 ml, three times a day.

Why should I use an alcohol free mouthwash?

The alcohol in most mouthwashes is not an active ingredient – it does not kill bacteria. Alcohol can actually dry your mouth, reducing the amount of protective saliva which would usually wash away excess food and bacteria. Odour causing bacteria flourish in a dry mouth. Long term exposure to alcohol can potentially lead to oral cancer. Switching to an alcohol free, plaque reducing mouthwash like Grants Herbal Mouthwash is an excellent alternative to an alcohol based mouthwash.

Is any mouthwash suitable for children?

Most mouthwashes are not suitable for children as they contain alcohol. Grants Herbal Mouthwash does not contain alcohol, nevertheless we do not recommend its use for children under the age of 12 as there could be underlying oral care issues. We recommend you seek the opinion of an oral care practitioner, before allowing children to use a mouthwash.